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VecMetaFrame is a simulation software that permits to study electrostatic fields generated from charged conductors scattered over a 2D surface.
The system is based on a client-server model that provides remote authentication and task scheduling besides the distributed and/or parallel fields computation. By now the followings are the features implemented:

VecMetaFrame takes as input a bitmap made by the user, which represents the distribution of conductors over the surface: a red/blue pixel means a positive/negative point, a black pixel means a zero potential point while a white pixel means the point have to be calculated.
The potential values assigned to conductors are proportional to the red/blue RGB value (from 0 to +/-1.0 V), therefore pixels with an ambiguous color must be avoided.
After the conductors loading, the potential values can be modified using the "Set conductors" option or, instead, the simulation can be directly started connecting to the VMF server.

Available visualisations:

These examples suppose an electric tripole as input.
Other features
Alpha blending for views composition:

Explorer charges trajectory simulation:

Is also in development a frame-by-frame field analysis:
Field calculous
The Nature imposes the electrostatic potential within the empty space have to be an armonic field, which obeys to the Laplace equation:

Thus, it can be calculated using the Jacobi itaration method, which consists in a infinite calculous of a potential average in every single field point.
The computation therefore is theoretically infinite, however after a sufficent amount of time the simulation result is reasonably near to the theoretic edge.

VMF is a direct child of Nablakiller and Flooxd, it is developed by \\HiFi\\ and Altivec ( [hifi_AT_metalabs_DOT_org] | [altivec_AT_metalabs_DOT_org] ) and must be considered a still-in-development project, for these reasons advertises and corrections are appreciated.
VecMetaFrame is a MeTA~LAbS project [ ] and it's obviously distributed under the GPL licence.

Download [ VecMetaFrame ver. 0.3-beta ]

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